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Quality and Environmental Policy
Quality Management System Standards Certified according to ISO 9001-2008
Environmental Management System Standards Certified according to ISO 14001-2004
[Management Philosophy]
We continue pursuing "Customer Satisfaction" through active and positive business activities,
while always having dreams and energies, and ensuring compliance.
[Basic Principle]
<<Trust and Technical Services>>
Based on this basic philosophy, we carry out production activities involving general surface chemical treatments
in the ancient city of Kamakura and we aim to improve customer satisfaction and our corporate value by focusing
on manufacturing and providing environmentally-friendly products designed for a sustainable society.
[Scope of Application]
Design, manufacturing, surface treatment processing, contract manufacturing management
and sales of metal/nonmetal surface chemical treatment agents
[Basic Policy]
1. We provide products that satisfy customers.
2. We contribute to protecting the environmental by developing and providing environmentally-friendly
products by considering their life cycles.
3. We continue to improve conformance to and effectiveness of management system requirements
by determining and regularly reviewing environmental objectives and quality targets.
4. We work on environmental load reduction and contamination prevention by keeping in mind and acting
on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).
5. We thoroughly comply with environmental laws and regulations, regional agreements, and matters
that our company has agreed to.

By continuously working on the above commitments, we all strive to enhance quality and customer satisfaction
and protect the environment.

JCQA July 1, 2016
The Japan Cee-Bee Chemical Co., Ltd.
President and CEO  Shinji Hamamoto
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